Color Coding Logic for Tags in Calendar View


My team is getting started moving from Basecamp to Asana. We’ve been using colored tags to indicate which project our task belongs to in calendar view. Specificially, we want to be able to see which book (project) is attached to which task and then further, which ad campaign that task belongs to. When applying a tag for ad vendor and a tag for book title, the calendar view is not consistent with the colors. We’d like the overall color to be the title and the secondary (little square tag) to be for the vendor, but right now the calendar view is completely random.


Hi @Dani_Toth. To confirm, are you making a product request? Is there anything we can help you with during your transition from Basecamp? We’ll be happy to help!


What’s the color coding logic for Tags and Project colors in Calendar view?. Sometimes the main item color is the color assigned to that project, and other times is the color assigned to an associated Tag.

I guess it’s the same question @Dani_Toth had, but it hasn’t been responded.



I’m also struggling with this.


I’d like to make this an official product feedback/request for color coding to be customized for calendar view. It’s impossible to get an entire team to remember that the dominate color on the calendar is going to be the first project, tag or custom field assigned to a task. It would be great if we could manually choose which custom field is the defining color for the calendar.