More custom field colors please!



I want to show intensity in the custom fields, but there is only one shade of grey. so it’s impossible to use color to signify intensity of an item. Why is asana artificially limited to 15 colors. Do the designers love the Commodore-64 that much! I sure did! :slight_smile:


I definitely agree with deryk. Asana could really use custom colors for task and project highlighting. The current color pallet is really limiting.


+1 for this! This is also a similar thread to this one: More custom field colors please!

@Asana - wondering if you can aggregate the votes?

I use colors to meta-tag my workflow on boards. Without that, Asana isn’t useful beyond a very small scope of work. Being able to see, at-a-glance, which projects and KINDS of tasks are piling up is really helpful. Meaningful colour-tagging allows for that, and 16 default colours just isn’t enough.

If implementing a picker isn’t feasible, I’d be happy with 7 different color “themes”, each with at least 7 tones/shades. That way, as an example, you can use a “Reds” for urgency, “greens” and “blues” for two different sets of project types, “yellows” for research-related tags for tasks, “blacks” for administrative tags for tasks, “pinks/purples” for collaboration tasks, etc.



Ack - meant this one: Highlight colors for projects

And I just found this one, too: Custom Tag Color