New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views!

This never happens in Asana, you never have two versions kept. Once the A/B test or release is done, you get one or the other.

As a PC user, I just got the updated version and am loving the added capability! However, most of my users primarily use mobile, and I’m not seeing multi-sort or multi-filter available there. Are there plans to add this functionality to mobile as well?

The new Filters and Sort features were finally released to our account today, and I just want to say I love it! This is going to be a game-changer for us. It should reduce the reliance on Advanced search, and now we can see the task results within our preferred view (List or Board).

Is it possible to add the “Creation date” and “Modification date” to the “Add filter” menu options? So we can filter tasks that were created in a certain period and tasks that were recently modified. Similar to the Advanced search menu.

Hi all, this has been rolled out to 100% of our customers today :tada:


Hi, loving the new sort + filter features - being able to combo more than 1 of each is very powerful.

There is 1 though: I would love to see “saving” my most used filters that I quickly access within the filters / sort menus.

This means we have our meetings or need to quickly scan boards/lists for certain that I can be more efficient instead of having to specify my regular filters / sorts each time.

I realise there is a “saved search” feature, but I rarely use this because it loses board/list section context, sorting options and customised fields.


Hi @jsonuk22 , welcome to the forum :wave:
There is already a similar product feedback request here where you can vote (purple button, top left) :wink:

Definitely a great feature. If we would have the option to save the view would be even better, so the whole team would be able to see what they need depending on their role without the manual (and prone to errors) operation.


Hi @Miguel_Domenech , welcome to the forum :wave:

You could actually do this before these new features but you can only save one single view per List, Board, Calendar or Timeline.

By going to the ... overflow menu (located at the top right of any Project) and select ‘Save layout as default’ - this will set your current sort/filter settings and apply them to everyone who will either revisit or reload the project.

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Loving this new feature! Is there a timeline for adding these new features to My Tasks? Also, if anyone has a workaround for trying to multi-sort in My Tasks I’d love to hear it.


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Is this a feature that will be added to my tasks as well?

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Not at the moment @Eli_Arbreton, but hopefully that’s something we can add to My Tasks in the future :slight_smile:


“Just my tasks” with both complete and incomplete is heavily used by teams that do daily stand ups and also discus what just has been done.

Anyways, I see that the filter came back? Is it permanent?

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Yes @anon52614418! Following the feedback we received, we decide to re-implement these filters. I’ll share an official announcement shortly!

Quick update to let you know that multi filter is now also available on the calendar view :slight_smile: More info in 📆 Multi-filter on Calendar view

Hi all :wave:

I’m excited to share that our team has rolled out some new updates to address some feedback we received during this launch:

Quick filters are back!
We have restored the “Just my tasks” and “Due this week” quick filters, allowing you to see the tasks that matter the most to you quickly! cc @Mark_Almojera @anon52614418

“Completed in the last month” filter is back
We returned this handy filter, allowing you to filter tasks quickly beyond the last 14 days! cc @fleprovost

Sorting task in one click!
The sorting menu now automatically opens when you click on “Sort” while you previously add the click “Sort” followed by “+Add sort.”

We hope you’ll find these updates helpful, and we look forward to hearing your feedback :slight_smile:


Whoop Whoop … the simple things that make a huge difference

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It’s great news.

I hope filters will also work on:

  • textual custom field
  • inbox page (by team / project)

Our team productivity has been significantly impacted by the removal of the “just my incomplete tasks” quick filter (and I see it’s affecting other teams as well). Can we please have that filter restored? The alternative right now is several clicks more (+ looking for the right filter fields) every time our team members access their board.

These have been re-implemented @Benita_Lee :slight_smile:

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To confirm, are you referring to the “just my incomplete tasks” filter that I shared had been removed? I’m not seeing that on our Asana boards and that’s what has slowed down our productivity.