New customer sign up creates a project in Asana

Hi I want to know how the following can be done. When our user signs up to our service they complete an onboarding form. On submission it creates a new project in Asana automatically. Then based on some answers in the form we create some tasks (either single or recurring). We can also generate a link for the new user so they can click on it to view their Asana project and update/add tasks if needed. How can we do this? Maybe via something Zapier or Make, or we would be happy to do it via API if it’s possible. Thanks,

This is already possible with rules.

This doesn’t exist yet, this piece will have to be automated.

Inviting them as project members will generate the appropriate notifications.

How many submissions are we talking about? Can you really not do it manually?

Thanks for the reply…

  1. I’ll look into rules.

  2. How can this be automated? For example let’s say the user signs up to ‘package A’ then this will require a monthly check in with them, so we need this task automatically added in.

  3. Do we invite them manually or can we automate this too?

  4. We’re talking a small number of submissions really, but the thing is I want to automate it as much as possible. The goal here is to make it as seamless as possible.

FYI for adding new non-recurring tasks, you could accomplish this with the “Add Tasks” rule action in our Flowsana integration. Unfortunately the Asana API doesn’t support or know about recurring tasks so it’s not possible for Flowsana, or any programmatic solution, to automate the creation of recurring tasks.