New! AI-powered Smart summaries for portfolios ✨

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Today we’re excited to announce our newest Asana Intelligence feature, Smart summaries for portfolios!

We know that getting up-to-speed on projects can be incredibly time-consuming and challenging, especially if you’re not involved in the day-to-day activities. Whether you’re coming back from a break or you’re an executive needing visibility into key projects, understanding how to action the next steps can seem daunting.

With AI-Powered Portfolio Summaries, you can now get a concise summary of what’s happened in a portfolio, allowing you to swiftly get up to speed on any notable changes and developments.

Using Smart summaries in portfolios:

  1. Visit the Progress Tab: Navigate to the Progress tab within a portfolio in Asana.
  2. Click on “View summary” to get an update on notable changes since your last visit.

With Smart summaries you no longer have to spend hours sifting through project details. Asana Intelligence ensures you can immediately understand significant updates, empowering you to take informed actions and drive your projects forward :sparkles:


This is a great way to get up to date quickly. Wish I could get this on my homescreen…

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Smart summaries are not possible. Do we have to activate it? AI, we have activated for months.

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Hi @thomaspreuss , you need to be on a new plan. If you are on legacy Premium, Business or Enterprise, certain AI features will not be available to you. Best to get in touch with Asana Sales.

Thanks @Richard_Sather, but we are on a new plan. We changed at the time ai was integrated on the first time.

I love this new feature as I’ve been hoping for a similar feature at the portfolio level for a while. The only suggestion I think would be good is to have the ability to see overdue tasks, or all tasks together for all the projects in a portfolio. The summary basically says all the good but doesn’t mention if there are incomplete or overdue tasks and how far along each project is.

Again - GREAT feature but if it could be expanded a little it would be even better. THANKS!!

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That’s strange, @thomaspreuss . Are you sure that Asana AI, Open AI and Anthropic are all activated in your Admin Console’s settings?

Unless this particular feature is still currently rolling out… @Marie?


This feature is fully rolled out, so if you’re not seeing it, it’s likely because your Admin has restricted AI usage in your instance. More info in this guide article:


Thanks @Marie and @Richard_Sather, we checked all the settings with our superadmin. All is fine and activated. First try portfolio summaries are great. Thanks a lot. :star_struck:


@Marie is there a way to set-up prompts so that the Portfolio Status summaries pulls the latest status updates from the projects within the portfolio? I’ve tried a couple prompts under the “What would you like to cover in your update?” section, but it still only pulls updates from project tasks and not the project status summaries themselves.

Hi, @Nee, welcome to our Community! At this time, it’s not possible to pull the information directly from the status updates from the projects, but I’ll make a note of your request for our Product team.

Not able to use this feature

Could you provide some more detail as to what’s happening or not happening when you try? Does it not work properly, or you’re not seeing it at all? If it’s the latter, be sure to see this post above from Marie.



We are not sure of how our data is used by openAI hence we have disabled openAI. there is abother option where i enablerd Asana AI which only takes metadata and not data. but with that can these summaries be made ?


This article should answer your questions.

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This article is very generic and not clear to customer without any legal advise. Fact is data e.g. task tital goes to OpenAI and our information goes to OpenAI. We don’t have a direct contract with OpenAI. Tomorrow Via OpenAI, if any data leackage happens not sure.
Asana has also not given technical architecture clarity that how technically they are putting controls in place that data doesnt leak thru OpenAI.

Hi @kamleshwar_suri, I’d also recommend visiting our Trust Center, where you can find and download additional documents. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for there, you can reach out to our Support team for further assistance. They are equipped to answer any Privacy & Security questions you may have. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nee, I’ve received an update from our PMs regarding your question on status updates. Here is what they’ve said:

Portfolio smart status will actually consider the status updates of projects contained within that portfolio when generating an output; however, this consideration will not always make it into the final output for a few reasons:

  1. The project status update must have occurred within the date range that the portfolio’s status update is generating over. * For example, if the portfolio status update covers July 15th - Aug 1st, but the latest project status update is on July 14th, it won’t be considered.

  2. If the portfolio contains many projects and all of them are being considered as part of the portfolio update, it will be harder for the AI to pick out status reports, and it will often defer more to mentioning important task-level activities.

That said, it helps to have user guidance in the draft smart summary request that asks the output to specifically mention project-level status updates. You can use, for example, this prompt: “Discuss any recent status updates for projects, and whether those status updates indicate whether the project is on track, at risk, or off track.”

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: