Asana Unveils AI Teammates to Tackle Complex Workflows and Elevate Teamwork

Hello Asana community,

Today, we’re excited to announce Asana AI teammates to tackle complex workflows and elevate teamwork. AI teammates are adaptable collaborators that help teams maximize their impact and achieve goals faster. They are infinitely customizable and can advise human teammates on priorities, power workflows, and even take action on work - all while adapting to the unique ways that individuals and teams work. With humans in the loop every step of the way, people have full transparency and control into how AI teammates support work.

Asana AI teammates, currently in beta, are powered by Asana’s Work Graph® data model, which provides the ideal structure and visibility for organizations to scale AI with confidence.

Asana AI teammates:

  • Advise teams where to focus by surfacing insights around potential risks to achieving goals
  • Action work and workflows at scale by taking on tasks, triaging requests, and assigning work
  • Adapt to how you work by identifying where workflows are broken or could be improved, and sharing relevant resources to inform work

Our beta customers are using AI teammates to quickly and easily tackle critical business workflows, like product launches, strategic planning, new hire onboarding, creative production, and many more. Examples of use cases currently underway with customers include:

  • Creative Production in Advertising: A leading outdoor advertising company is turning to AI teammates to transform the creative request process so they can focus on creative flow and design. AI teammates are:

    • Triaging incoming requests and proactively gathering missing information
    • Intelligently assigning work to specific designers based on their role
    • Creating workback schedules to meet deadlines
    • Checking designs against brand guidelines
    • Improving reporting quality with consistent data
  • Orchestrating Event Workflows and Operations for Marketing: A global cybersecurity organization is turning to AI teammates to execute projects and campaigns faster while freeing up workers to focus on strategy and execution. AI teammates are:

    • Crafting on-brand, tailored marketing content
    • Translating assets accurately for regional audiences
    • Standardizing workflows across the entire department

Today, Asana is also announcing a new AI chat interface, which will be coming soon in Q2. People can ask things like, “What blockers are putting this goal at risk” or “Who at my company knows about this topic”, and get help to easily create plans and assign work with human oversight.

Asana AI teammates are currently in beta with select customers. Discover more at Asana’s Work Innovation Summit San Francisco and join the waitlist at

In addition to the above announcement, three new Asana AI features are available to customers on our new pricing tiers:

  • Smart goals: Write down more effective goals and standardize them across your organization. With the help of AI, get suggested tips to draft goals based on best practices.
  • Smart summaries (on Portfolios): Get a quick summary of the latest progress so you can keep up-to-date on work without another meeting. Learn more here.
    Smart projects: Remove the writer’s block from project creation by letting AI create the project structure for you automatically. Learn more here.

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Please let us know what you’re excited to use these new AI features for by sharing use cases in the chat.


Please note that Smart goals and Smart summaries (on Portfolios) will gradually roll out over the next couple of weeks and will be available on Asana Advanced , Enterprise , and Enterprise+ tiers. Information on usage can be found here .


I attended yesterday’s enlightening and fun event.

The future is bright for Asana!

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