Need an option to disable the default "comment only access" when creating a new project

Hello! We create and close so many projects throughout the week, and it’s rather annoying that the default setting is “comment only” access for other members of a team who didn’t create the project. It’s a pain to have to manually go into the “share” settings and boost it to “allow others to edit” access. We have over 100 projects and it would take a long time to manually go in and change the share settings for each one. Seems like something you should be able to turn off and on. Also frustrating that when I create a template for a project and put the template as “edit access”, when a project is made from that template the edit access is still comment only and not edit-able - should be something that translates over!

Hi @Tadia_Musgrave, thanks for reaching out.

Can you confirm if you are creating a project via a template, or from scratch? When creating a new project from scratch, new members should have edit access by default.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Is there a trigger that causes this? We are having the same issue, but I cannot figure out why some projects default to comment only access and some don’t.

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath - I face the same issue and our projects are created via template. How can I set the edit permissions by default for everyone?

I completely agree. We must use project templates as our business requires one of a handful of specific many step processes be followed by 1-3 individuals for each client project we work with. I’d expect we would create upwards of 400 projects per annum between 5 of us.

Hi @Annu_Nagappan, could you please share how you have set the permissions in the template?

Never mind, we figured it out. Thanks for the follow-up.

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