Need a way to disable "this task was submitted through" link in description

As near as I can tell, there’s not a way to disable Asana form auto-adding the “this task was submitted through…” form link whenever a task is submitted via a form. Combining this with the fact that form permissions cannot be more granular than “entire organization” means that even though the person assigned the task is not part of the project the task goes in, and thus normally wouldn’t know the form link on their own, the description includes the form link and therefore they now have the link to a form that only a couple of users ought to be using.

Can there not be a form setting that allows us to enable or disable this link? I can see where some users might have value to separating tasks entered by forms vs manually entered, but in my case this is having an undesirable side effect of spreading the form link to individuals who shouldn’t be interacting with the form. And since there’s no way to lock down the form to only be used by specific users beyond just “organization wide”, there’s no way to prevent them from accessing and submitting the form from the link auto-included in the description even though they are not project members.

Hi @Jonathan_Broadus , it could be the case for either or both of the following:

  1. You have perhaps enabled ‘Add submitters in my organization as task collaborators’ in the form’s settings. Try disabling this as per below:

  1. The project that your form submissions are landing in is perhaps set to Shared with the team, meaning all Team members have access to the project which might be fine in yur case. However, if the Team’s privacy settings are set to ‘Public to organization’ this would give access to everyone in your organisation, including your form submitters too. I suggest you check and change the Team’s and Project’s privacy settings accordingly.

But if you are assigning people to a task from a form submission, they will see all the information within that task. But they will not see in which project that task belongs to as long as you make the project private to members only (not including the assignee).

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the ‘This task was submitted through…’ message in the task details, even if you disable the ‘Copy all responses to task description’ option within the form’s settings. The only workaround is to manually delete that text in the description.

I feel Asana’s thinking behind this is that the person working on the task would want this information and the context of the form itself. A good practice is to set internal conventions so people are aware/clear on who should and should not be using a particular form.

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