Creation of Tasks ONLY through Forms

Hi Asana team!

I am hoping you can help me with something.

I am trying to force my team to only add tasks to a certain project by the form I created, however, if they go into the project, they are still able to add by just typing on the line.

How can I exclude the option from them to add by typing in, and make it mandatory to only complete the form?

Thanks you!


It’s a little complicated, but you can address this if you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise.

Write a rule with trigger:

to set a custom field to identify tasks added by the form.

Write another rule to trigger like this (two triggers):

meaning the task source is not from form, but rather from task added manually or from task template.

Attach an action like auto completing the task and adding a comment, or whatever works for you.



Hi @Leonardo_Corso , apart from @lpb ‘s excellent suggestion, I would also suggest, depending if this works for you and your team:
you could switch all your team members’ roles to ‘Commenters’ in the project’s permission settings, while your role remains as the Project Admin.

This way none of your project’s members can add any tasks (apart from using your form), however, they will still be able to comment on any task, while assignees would still be able to edit custom fields of only the tasks they are assigned to.