"My Tasks" failing to load

Hi there! Having some issues loading the “My Tasks” for one of my team members. I can manage + have access to the “My Tasks” of each of our team members, but this specific board is not loading.

Couple of notes:

*Both him and I are seeing the same blank screen unless he completes a task, then we can see the task.

  • The tasks appear on their individual projects.
  • We have force quit, reloaded and reopened the Asana app and the desktop tab.
    *Their tasks are not set to private.

Google Chrome Version 98.0.4758.80
Asana Version 1.6.0 (1.6.0)

Uploading: Desktop - Bug Screenshot.png…

Hi @Cassidy_Daniel,

From what I can see on your screenshot, it appears that James’ My Tasks is filtered to display only completed tasks, which also explains why you see tasks only when he completes them.

Simply click on the filtering menu in the top right corner and switch from “Completed tasks” to “All tasks”.

I hope this helps, but keep me posted if you’re still running into trouble!

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