My Tasks Calendar - Switch multi-day tasks off OR appear in today

Currently, on calendar view, one can only turn on and off their multi-day tasks. I’m wishing there were three options - toggle on; off entirely; or show multi-day tasks in today only.

I like that I can rearrange the order of tasks on a calendar view. Every morning, with a fresh brain, I spend a few minutes reviewing my workload and rearranging the tasks in order of priority, and deferring any that can wait. Having the list helps me stay laser-focused as I tackle each task one by one - as the day goes on and I get tired, it is harder to think about which task on my list is more important.

Having tasks that I started days previous at the very top of list is helpful for making sure I finish what I’ve started before starting anything new, so I appreciate that for when it’s helpful - eg, managing creative tasks.

However, there are many times when there are one-day tasks that “MUST get done” and I find it frustrating I can’t sort the multi-day tasks into my “focus list” for the day, sometimes they belong in the middle of the list, not on top or out of view, and out of mind.

Have you tried using custom fields to help catagorise your tasks - new addition to my tasks. It adds a coloured square to the task on calendar view also so you can see it.

Did you try to use the “Priority” field and sort your sections accordingly?

@Danielle-GenD @Martin_911 Thanks for the suggestions. My thing is, I may have 10 or more tasks in a single day, if they are grouped by priority or color, it still doesn’t tell me which to do in order 1,2,3,4,5.

Due to an unpredictable chronic illness, some days I can only get 3 tasks done before I start feeling ill, so I want to make sure the three MOST important gets done and the lesser important will shift to the next day or week.

BUT, your suggestions gave me an idea to use a custom number field, and use List view to sort by due date, update the task order, then sort by task order as I get to work, focusing on task #1, then #2, and so on…

I prefer drag and drop though, the numbering system could get cumbersome if I’m having to update the numbering of incomplete tasks from the day prior. So, my feature request stands. :slight_smile: For now, trying out the numbering trick.