Reordering tasks in "My Tasks" view -- within those that are due today

I would like to reorder the tasks that are due today, but I can’t figure out how to do so. I am able to drag tasks among today, later, upcoming categories. . .but not within one category. I hope this question makes sense. My goal is to be able to see everything that is due today and then to determine the order in which I want to tackle those tasks.

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Hi @Lisa_Graham,

You probably have a Sort order set. If you set the Sort to “None”, you should be able to freely drag and drop your My Tasks.

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Thanks for responding, @Phil_Seeman. I do have a sort order set. When I change it to “None,” I can no longer easily see what is due TODAY so that I can then make decisions about the order in which I want to tackle those tasks. (Today’s tasks are randomly distributed throughout a huge mountain of tasks.) I may not be explaining what I want to be able to do clearly:

  1. Sift out tasks due today
  2. Sort what’s on my plate today based on priority/ time available/ what I have the energy to do, etc. by hand so I can go down the list in order during the day.

Based on your response, it may be that there is no way for me to sort my tasks AND then “sub-sort” them by hand to put them in a specific order.

I see you supporting folks all over this forum. Glad to be among the lucky group. :wink:


@Lisa_Graham, You can use both List view for the sort you want, and Calendar view to see tasks by date.

Hope that helps,


@lpb Larry. . .will you say more about this suggestion? I’m not sure I understand. . .

Hi Lisa,

Set your sort order to None. Then create a section called “Today”, and create a rule that moves anything due today into this section. Then tasks will automatically be moved into this section each night, and you can move things about there as you like.

Keep in mind that this rule applies at midnight, so you may need to manually move things into it if you set a due date of “today”, today. I also chuck things out of there that I decide can have a later due date.

If it’s helpful, my sections are Today, Later, Recently Assigned, Done (anything marked ‘completed’ gets automatically move here), Someday/Maybe and Recurring.



Sure; that was a little cryptic.

In My Tasks, you have tabs for different views available, including List view (the one we’ve been discussing) and Calendar view.

I proposed a quick fix for you to use Calendar view, and should have mentioned in Calendar view to click the toolbar icon for Week view. This addresses your request to 1) see tasks due today, and 2) reorder those.

List view is also an option but is limited if using the sort for Due date, and if using sort None, then it relies on your manually moving tasks around, so you’d need to 1) set up rules, and 2) one-time triage to catch tasks that the rules won’t see. For more info on what that means, I recommend:



@Tania_Strahan . . .Thank you! This is exactly the level of specificity I was seeking. I appreciate your ability to interpret my confusing question so skillfully. :wink:


@lpb . . . just what I needed. You and Tania have given me great direction here. I look forward to reading your article as well. It will undoubtedly be helpful on multiple fronts!

In gratitude,

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@lpb Jumping back in to say that I just used your step-by-step guide to set up My Tasks! Brilliant. Going to be delving into some more of your resources. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m glad I jumped in here - LPB’s suggestion is great!


I hear you @Lisa_Graham. I have tried to figure this out too. When I sort by due date within sections it doesn’t let me customize by list any further.

Hi Lisa!

I have each of my team members work off of a priority report that I made specifically for them. I made it by performing an advanced search in the search bar, asking the report to including tasks assigned to that specific person that are incomplete. I also sorted by due date. I then saved the report and sent it to them for their records.

It is how each of my team members starts their day, opening their pre-saved searches and prioritizing what they need to accomplish.
I also have it to show not blocked tasks so they can open their report and know everything there they can immediately get to work on.

Hope this helps, my team thrives off of their personalized reports I made from them based off the search.


Thanks so much for taking the time to share this, @Danielle_Wolf!

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@Charla_Chamberlain the suggestions above fixed it for me!

Something else that I’ll add on this thread. If you sort by date, and then select the tasks and put them into a new section, it will keep them in that order when you turn the filter off. Often what I do is sort by the date, select all the ones due that day that I have time blocked, drop them into a different section, turn the filter off, and then put them back and fill in the other tasks where I time but may not want to make a hard commitment to that task.

Hope that made sense!

Yes. This makes sense. I love seeing how people creatively figure out how to make a tool work for their unique workflow. I appreciate you taking the time to share.

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