prioritizing daily tasks

I have 10-15 small and big daily tasks some are more important than others so I want to prioritize them each morning.
I can’t find a way to drag a task that’s due date is the current day, above a different one to prioritize it so I’ll have a list of tasks sorted out by their importance.
Is there a way?
If not, I suggest this for your next update.

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You can certainly move your tasks and prioritize them depending on how important they are. In your My tasks list, you’ll need to sort your tasks by None and then you’ll be able to drag and drop your tasks. We offer an auto-promotion feature that can also help you to focus on the tasks due on each specific date. I recommend you checking this article for more details.

It seems you are sorting your My Tasks list by due date and for that reason you cannot manually organize your tasks.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have follow-up questions :slight_smile:

Thanks, but that doesn’t really help unless I didn’t understand you.
If I sort out the list by “none” I will have a list of all the tasks I ever have to do so first I will need to sort them out by “today” and then prioritise the “today’s” tasks.
If it is a one time thing, fine, but if I need to do it every day that s a waste of time.
It would have been easier if after doing sort by due date we could also manually sort inside the day.
Is there another solution?

Sorry for any confusion here @Sammy_Lipson! If you want to use the auto-promotion feature, you’ll need to organize your My Tasks list once.

You’ll need to move all tasks to your Later or Upcoming section and Today section (depending of the due date). You can multi-select several tasks at once.

Then, the following days, the tasks will automatically promote through as they approach their due date. When you start the day, you’ll have a section for your tasks due Today (automatically created) and you’ll be able to prioritize them.

Ok, I’ll give it a try.

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It’s a big challenge to prioritize my day manually. But it is important to sync with company goals and priorities. So the first way is to check My tasks with project tasks if they have been already prioritized. The second is to use tools. Ducalis syncs with Asana, takes tasks from projects. A team evaluates them and can see the top priorities list. You can use this list for My Tasks sorting this list by your name. Like this:

It saves time.