Disable auto promote feature in My Tasks

Could we have an option to disable Auto-promotion to the Today/Upcoming/Later sections?

I can see how this is a helpful workflow for some, but if we want full control over our task board, we need the option to keep tasks in the sections we originally assigned them! I personally find this extremely bothersome to have tasks pulled out of the sections I set up (where I can find related tasks quickly) into a general, time-based bucket.

Much obliged!

Hi Ben :wave:t4: and welcome back to the Forum.

While I can totally see where you are coming from, please note there is no option to disable this feature, but you can manually move the task back to another section.

By default, the tasks in your My Tasks are organized into 4 priority sections: New Tasks, Today, Upcoming, and Later.

  • Tasks with due dates that have been marked as Upcoming or Later will automatically promote through as they approach their due date.

  • When a task is marked as Upcoming, the task will automatically move to Today at midnight on the day of the task’s due date.

  • When a task is marked as Later, the task will automatically move to Upcoming at midnight seven days before the task’s due date.

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Cathya :sparkles::blush:

@Ben_Walker, I understand your request and the following doesn’t directly address it, but in case you weren’t aware, you can work around this by creating your My Tasks custom sections and tasks all under the Today heading; they won’t ever get auto-promoted then.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Larry,

Thanks for the tip - I might give that a go. I’ve come to terms enough with the ‘Today’ auto-promotion well enough, but the ‘New Tasks’ is driving me wild! I think this falls into the category of ‘grin and bear’ until this surfaces as a pain for enough others.

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Just a should out to Asana that I agree with Ben_Walker. You can look at the calendar view to see your due dates — but there should be a place where you can organize your tasks yourself without auto features messing up the organization. My Tasks with the ability to disable that automative feature, would be perfect.

Hi everyone! With the new My Tasks you can customize your tasks with sections, create rules and make My Tasks work for you. The auto-promotion feature is no longer enable by default to all customers, you would need to recreate it with Rules if you want to continue using this option. Please find more information in this article: New: Customize My Tasks with Boards View - The Asana Blog