Moving Tasks Between Projects

On Project A’s board I have added a few different columns such as type of task, priority, time estimated, ect. I use the columns when I input a task, but then when I move the task from Project A to Project B all of these columns are lost in the transfer. Is there a way to move a task from Project A to Project B and still maintain the customized columns I added?

There are two type of custom fields: project-specific and global, where by global I mean custom fields that live in your organization’s custom fields library.

If the values are not copying over, that means it’s a project-specific custom field. To remedy that, edit the field and check the box “Add to [your org name]'s field library”. That will turn it into a global field. Then go to the second project, delete any project-specific field you may have added there with the same name, then add the newly-global field by using the “Choose from library” tab.

Let me know if any of the above doesn’t make sense or if you have any further questions!