Do a task's fields move with it when moving it to a different project?

Can someone please tell me, when I move tasks from one project to another does associated field move along with it?

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When you say “field”, are you referring to custom fields or to built-in fields like Due Date, Assignee, etc.?

Built-in fields will always be retained when moving a task to another project.

For custom fields, first, remember that there are two types: project-specific fields that only exist in one project, and organizational custom fields, that live in your custom fields library.

Custom fields will also always be transferred. However, you may or may not see the custom field in the new project: if it’s a project-specific field from the old project, you won’t see it in the new project; if it’s an organizational custom field, you will.

Note though that even if you don’t see it in the new project, it’s still there attached to the task; i.e. if you were to move the task back to the original project, you would see it again.


Thank you so much for answering

Question: I have created field. By going to add field . How do I replicate the drop down list of this field to other projects?

You don’t replicate a drop-down list; rather you replicate the field itself.

To do that, edit the field in the Customize menu of the project. Check the box for “Add to [your organization name] field library”.

Then you can go to to other projects, and in their Customize menu, you can select Add field > Choose from library and select the field you just put into the library.

You are awesome Phil, thank you so soo much

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