Converting a Task to a Project -- can I also move custom fields from the original task to custom fields in a task in the new project?

Hello! I love the ability to duplicate a task, convert it to a project, and have all the custom fields show up on the project. If inside the project template, there is a task template also, is there a way I can make the custom fields go there as well? It seems like this was expected behavior in 2021, but I’m hopeful times have changed!

And by expected behavior, I mean the posts from 2021 clearly state that Asana expected custom fields to not move over to task templates, but damnnnn would that be nice!

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My understanding is that if you add the custom fields to the project the task lives in And to the portfolio the Project will be added to, the custom fields and their values will be visible after the task is converted to a project.

This is the task that was converted:

This is the project details before I added the same custom fields to the portfolio:
See the read only custom fields bottom left

After the custom fields where added to the portfolio the info is now editatble on the projects level:

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Hey Peter! Your understanding is correct–it totally does! I’m more wondering why I can’t also get those same fields to appear on a TASK that is inside a project that was converted from a task originally. I have a task that I have to convert to a project, and that project template also has a task inside of it. The custom fields transfer over to the project, but the sad, lonely task gets no love.

Did you add the custom field to the project? Not just on portfolio level, but also on project level.
And is the custom field a global custom field?

Definitely! Custom fields on are on the project template, and they are in the business library. They transfer onto the project without an issue, but the tasks inside the template don’t get the custom fields filled in.

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