Carrying Custom Fields to Projects after converting from Task

Hello team,

My organization uses a project intake process through which new requests are submitted via form. The fields of the intake form are connected to custom fields which then populate in the Asana project. Once there the tasks are approved and converted into a standalone project. I have noticed that the custom fields from the form show up in the written project overview, but they do not carry over as project custom fields upon conversion. In order to apply those fields again at the project level this has to be done manually. Is there a way to automate this?

This would be a game changing feature for large scale organizations. Or if not this, a way to intake full blown projects directly from a form intake process.


I believe the main obstacle right now is that a project only has fields if added to a portfolio holding those fields. But converting a task to a project does not have the ability to add to a portfolio. Until they add this ability, they won’t be able to add those fields…

Does that make sense?

Yeah it makes sense, but it’s definitely a hinderance. It really feels more like a half implemented feature to be able to apply custom field values to projects but only in a portfolio view. There’s a general lack of ability to apply attributes to the overview of projects that feels like a major oversight.

I guess I should be flipping this to a feature request at this point.

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“Product feedback” here is a feature request :+1:

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