Sync tasks between projects

Does anyone know how to make tasks move columns between all projects when moved in one? (e.g. “task 1” is moved from “to do” in “project A” to “in progress” and is therefore also moved from “to do” to “in progress” in “project B”)

Hi @Oskar_Engström_Svärd

Yes, there is a trick.
You use a shared custom field that can operate as a “liaison” to link the behavior of the tasks in both projects.

Ingredients :

  1. a custom field single select (let’s call it “status”) added to the custom field library and added to both projects; with 2 options : “to do” and “in progress”
  2. in project A, create a rule that will move the custom field to “in progress” as soon as any task is move to section “in progress”
  3. in project B, create a rule that will move any task to section “in progress” as soon as the custom field is changed to “in progress”

Tadaaaa !

Hope that was useful :wink:


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