Moving several tasks between projects makes them go missing

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I was moving tasks between projects and noticed that when several is selected, only one of them are actually moved - the rest is deleted.

Steps to reproduce:
Select several tasks and drag and drop them to another project.
Only the one selected first will be moved. The rest is deleted.

Browser version:
Version 77.0.3865.120

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HI @Flemming_Larsen and thanks for reaching out!

I can’t seem to be able to be able to reproduce this issue. Can you confirm if you can reproduce with an incognito window or another browser?

How do you multi-select and move your tasks? Would you mind sharing a little more details to help us understand why this is happening?

Looking forward to your reply!

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I can’t seem to reproduce the error outside of my Chrome browser or in incognito.

I multi-select by holding down CTRL and clicking each task on the six small dots, or if there are more than a couple, holding down shift after having selected the first one, and clicking the last one in a row. Then drag them to the appropriate project and drop them.

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I should add that it’s working as intended with new tasks I created for the purpose of testing.
I’m not really inclined to move already existing tasks in case they go missing again.

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Thanks for the follow-up @Flemming_Larsen,

The fact you’re not able to reproduce in Incognito or with another indicates that the issue might be triggered by an extension installed on your browser. Some extensions can corrupt Asana Javascript, so if you’ve recently installed an extension, I would try uninstalling it and check if this solves your issue!

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I have also just experienced this yesterday when I moved 4 tasks from one project (old) to another (new). Information from only one tasks was correctly copied over and all other tasks lost their details for some reason. I should mention that I am the owner of the new project and a team user of the older project. Can I retrieve lost information somehow?
I am glad we didn’t lose critical information but it is not happy knowing that information on asana can be lost. I welcome any suggestions to try to retrieve our lost information.

Bhargav Raghuraman