Project missing many tasks with no action from user; nothing in archived or deleted

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
User created many tasks in a project on 01/22, then returned to project on 01/31 and all but 1-2 of the tasks were completely missing in apparent data loss. Oddly, one of the tasks remaining was generated at the end of the long task creation session.

User already
1/ ensured they weren’t filtering their view on anything
2/ checked to see if they’d archived anything
3/ used search to look for some of the tasks they remembered creating with no results
4/ tried logging in with a different browser

User has already sent a message to support per previous community topics, but with no response yet.

Steps to reproduce:
No reliable steps to reproduce

Browser version:
Agnostic of browser. Checked Mobile App, Edge 110.0.1587.22 and Chrome 109.0.5414.75

Upload screenshots below:

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @James_Yamat!

That’s odd. Did anybody else have access to the project?

Have you tried to run an advanced search report already to filter based on all tasks created by this user?

The user should run this search directly in their Asana also as potentially some tasks were created only in their “My Tasks”

Also run an advanced search for any deleted tasks:

Unfortunately, we do not have premium accounts and therefore cannot run the advanced searches. There are only 2 people in this Asana instance, and the project only has me, the admin and user on it. I’ve also already checked my “My Tasks” section and they don’t exist there.

I’ve had a similar issue with a project disappearing a few days ago, nothing in archived or deleted, I wonder if this is a widespread issue?

Okay I see, in this case I recommend reaching out to so they can look into this for you.

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Milan_Sachania!

Whenever a project is deleted you should also receive an email.
Now in your case can you run an advanced search to check?
Also the project that you cannot locate did anybody else have access to it? As would might have also happened is that somebody renamed it, hence why it cannot be found anymore.
Do you remember a specific task that was added to this project? If so when you go to the task can you see the project still showing or not?

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Hi Andrea – I’ve put in a ticket 3 days ago with support and have not heard back from them yet!

The project was never deleted, It cannot be found using advanced check, no renaming has taken place either.

We use this particular project that is missing to redirect tickets/tasks to other projects, this is where we host a asana form that creates a task once a form submission is created. The form still works but the tickets goes no where.

I am sorry to hear about that, in case you have a free plan it might take longer for them to get back, otherwise make sure you contacted them via your Asana email (domain connected to your org).
Also keep in mind that if you follow up that pushes your ticket to the end of the queue.

Very strange indeed, however support should definitely be able to help.

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@Andrea_Mayer Thank you for following up. I had already reached out to before posting, but I had not yet received a response.

Hello all :wave: and thanks for your help @Andrea_Mayer :heart:

@Milan_Sachania from what I’m seeing your project was only archived, and you were able to unarchive it, great news!

@James_Yamat, I’ve sent a note to our support team to take a look at your request asap, they should be in touch soon!

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