More Project Info in Free Screen Real Estate at Header (could apply to Portfolios, too)

Hi again guys,

Sorry if I’m repeating a previous post, but I think it would be great if you could add some of the basic project info to your excellent UI. On the top header, you have some free space here:

One thing I find myself wanting to see constantly are dates. You could easily add that info there.

I think Portfolios could also benefit from some extra info in that same space, since they use the same UI template I think. And while I’m add it, would like to petition for Dates in Portfolios to give them some more substance. At the moment Portfolios, while useful, are sort of just folders as far as I can tell. I am able to recreate the same functionality in InstaGantt, the add on, for example, just by setting up a “project group” there.


Happy Thursday @OT160! :wave:t5: Thank you so much for taking time to provide your feedback with us!

We usually don’t recommend to list several feedback in one thread as it becomes very difficult for other users to support for the desired feature request and for us to follow-up!

I was doing some searching in the Forum and I found a few threads regarding the topics you have mentioned here. I’m listing them below and I would encourage you to cast your vote and comment in case you haven’t done it yet.

Thank you @OT160 and have a great day!