Project Charter

It would be great to have a section in the top menu (Lists, Boards, Timeline) for a project charter so we can give a high-level view of the outcome, principles, and other project information. Currently I have to create a task which gets lost.

Conversations isn’t what I want as a charter is done and done and needs no further conversation.

Hey, @Getz_Pro - we use Project Descriptions for this:


The description field can be as long as you need it, supports rich text formatting, and allows you to link to people, tasks, and projects within Asana. Here’s an example of one of ours:

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your response.

I did forget about the description field as it is not always visible, but through a menu. I was looking for something more readily visible to the team. Also, something that is not editable except by the project owner.

Something like this? Make Conversations feature more visible and easy to find - #9

Hi @Getz_Pro,

I usually hack this by using a task, but I see a real value in being able to pin a task or series of tasks to the top of the project so they don’t get lost. Similar to you, I don’t use the project descriptions much because they are too hidden for me. I would love to be able to build out a section as you describe with a project charter and milestones and pin them to the top.


Hi Katie,

I am using a task now, but it isn’t as elegant as I would like. Thanks for the response!


If you would like to vote on the ability to pin tasks to the top, which may help you create such an area you can go to - Ability to Pin Tasks.


Done, thanks Katie!

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