Mirror a Project in two teams (with all tasks in sections)

Hello, I have a project set up as a common workflow with a series of tasks broken up into sections. I use this project as a template whenever I start developing a new product, but I need the project to appear under two teams (Marketing and Production) and show the progress across both instances of the project. Currently what I do is create the project under one team and then duplicate and move the duplicate to the other team. Then, in order to share progress across instances, I have to delete all of the tasks in the duplicate, then go to the original and select tasks by section and add them back into the duplicate (selecting the appropriate section each time).

I do it this way because duplicating it in the first place keeps all of the section headers of the original project, which makes organization easier when adding the tasks back in, and our workflow has over 100 standard tasks, so keeping it organized is key.

I would love if there were a way to ‘mirror’ a project to another team, instead of using the current ‘duplicate’ function. Does something like this exist?

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