Measuring & reporting age of tasks

I’ve worked out how to use the formulas to created a custom field that subtracts the creation date of a task from the due date to generate an ‘age of project’ field. What I would really like to be able to do is the subtract the creation date from today’s date. Additionally, I’d like to be able to get a chart on my dashboard that summarises tasks that are 30/60/90/120+ days old to identify jobs that are taking too long. Being able to colour code the task tile or have some other indicator that shows overdue jobs would be good. Any tips please? Thanks

Summoning Formula custom fields God @Richard_Sather :grin:

Meanwhile, you might check this article, where you just might find some answers :

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Thanks @Arthur_BEGOU :blush:

@Scott_Burkinshaw , you mention:

This is not currently available but hoping Asana will add the ‘today’ operation as a follow up to formulas. I’ll circle back here when that becomes a feature, hopefully soon :wink:

Great, thanks!


Trello has a nice feature in which the task begins to visually decay if it sits unmodified for too long, like a piece of paper yellowing and fraying over a century. This would be a nice simple version of what’s being discussed in this thread, although probably would not meet Scott’s needs.