Requesting "Today" functionality in formulas; Want to Calculate Ageing; The formula I want to use is: Today(Date) - Creation(Date)

How to get Current Day date in a field to calculate ageing?


Welcome, @Nayan3,

That’s not possible today, but in the recent announcement of basic formula custom field is a mention of additional functionality coming, and another post in that thread asks for the same “today” calc ability, so we’re hopeful…



Do you know if there have been any updates to this question? I keep seeing posts about the “improved power” of formulas, but… I’m not seeing it in practice anywhere.

Really would like to see this!

Hi, @Nayan3
I would appreciate it if you could kindly submit this inquiry to “Product Feedback - Asana Forum”.
Thank you kindly.

I’ve modified the title and moved this thread to Product Feedback so you can vote at the top now.



Hi, I am looking for a way to count the number of days since an inputted date. Had a look into the advanced formula section and can see things like ‘DateAdd’ and ‘DateSubtract’ but nothing along the lines of ‘Current Date’, ‘Today’ etc.

Anyone know a solution to this?

Welcome, @John_Canning,

Formula fields are new and new features have been promised, and it’s hoped we’ll see this soon.

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.



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