how to show age of a task [current date] = [task created date]

Is there a way to show age of a task [current date] = [task created date]? I’d like this to display on the card view as a field if possible.

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Hello @Jennifer_Isaac,

Are you aware of Asana metadata?
There you can see: Created on, Created by, Completed on, Last modified on

This might be interesting for you: Reporting: How long do tasks take? - #9 by Sami_Linnanvuo

This might be a feedback request thread you are interested upvoting.

And here is all the info about being able to see time in stage: Workflow Builder • Asana Product Guide

Thanks - these metadata fields are helpful but not quite what I’m looking for. Would like a similar field that displays “time since created” - we’d prefer not to have to visit a dashboard to get this info. Any options?

Have a look at Flowsana, here is some documentation around what you are trying to see.

I have a solution for this: a service I created to compute custom fields, it would work in your case!

Thanks Bastien - cost? more info?

FYI Flowsana doesn’t have any functionality that maintains a real-time calculated “time since task creation”.