Mark a project for completion

planned vs actual dates will be a great feature, along with ontrack/delayed/at risk options at each task level


This seems like quite a basic functionality that is missing from a project management software - being able to mark the project as Complete?! I can’t believe this has been raised for so long and had so many replies, with no action taken from the Asana development team…

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This is now becoming critical for us to keep using Asana, I have projects with [COMPLETE] in front of them on my dashboard and I’m manually having to keep track of what’s complete in another project, absolutely madness we can’t mark a project as complete!?

Starting to look elsewhere and migrating now.

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14,000 views but only ~240 votes. Please vote at the very top of the page.


Agreed. Everyone, please vote on this! It’s in the top left-hand corner of this page!


Couldn’t Agree More :+1: :+1:

David, can you explain how you are using a dropdown field? We’re in same boat and looking for interim solutions until Completed is an option for project status. Thanks in advance!

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Is this still something that is being considered?

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Agree that there should be a way to “Complete” projects without archiving them. You need that sense of fulfillment when finishing a project and it could notify the other project members that the project was completed with a high-five.

I always hated this in Todoist as well that the only way to complete a project was to Archive it. Bummer to see it here, and extra bummer that this feature has been requested for over 3 years without any update.


Seems like this basic functionality should be very easy to implement. All we really need is the option in the status report functionality. This does not seem like a 2 year project to add another label in that drop down.


New user here, have many projects that are one-to-one meetings and so have a set due date, and with those dates in the past they show as red. Red implies late/ overdue/ incomplete/ that something is wrong, which it isn’t.

In searching, I find this forum, with this popular request now over 3yrs(?!?!) old, and absolutely no meaningful update. For all the things Asana does well, this is pretty terrible. I need to be able to “complete” a project for any number of scenarios, not least that Asana is misleading me about it being “overdue” etc.

As a charity, our budget is naturally tight, and if such key piece of functionality isn’t even being considered, we will have to look for alternative solutions. Even doing that is frustrating as it takes time & resources to switch platforms. Disappointed.

Basic functionality. Unbelievable that as an enterprise platform this has not been implemented yet.


Agree with everyone on this topic. Not having a “Completed” status for projects is somewhat unbelievable for Asana. Tasks can be completed but projects can only be “On Track” forever?!

the workaround solution we’re currently using is a custom field for the project called status. then hiding the standard status field. this works however in the project details it still shows the standard options


So this topic has been out here at least since 2018. Is there a reason ASANA has chosen not to create a complete function for the Project? It is quite odd that this type of feature enhancement was not executed in 2018 and we are still asking for it in 2021. ???

Dear Asana development team, your assistance is requested to prioritize this feature enhancement so that work arounds don’t have to be investigated.

If you are unable to make this enhancement, your feedback on why, is appreciated.


I too ended up in this thread due to a desire to see if there was a “Project Completed” option.

Any incomplete tasks that may still be assigned in “Archived” projects still show up in task lists. It would be nice to have a “complete project” option to close out any incomplete tasks without taking tedious steps to go into the project and hunt for hidden incomplete subtasks.

The archived project is still visible in “Recent projects”. There doesn’t appear to be a separate section/area just for archived projects, so there’s really no point in archiving them if they still show up on the main project lists.

It’s small but basic details like this that make me hesitate to upgrade to the paid app.


Yes, please Vote at top of this page to get this over the line.

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I am another user that found this thread, thinking I was somehow missing something in not being able to complete/close a project.

In attempting to implement Asana with my team, these missing basic functions are not making my argument for this PMS any easier. I am already stuck without the ability to embed a form.

Now I am forced to create a Completed Projects Team, in order to differentiate actual completed work from abandoned, lost, etc…?

I am losing faith that this will be our PMS over the long-term if simple fixes are ignored for years?


It’s outrageous that the asana team put far more effort into rainbow unicorns for tasks, than adding a simple function that is essential to project management. Marking a project “Complete” is a basic function that the asana team FORGOT to add from the beginning. Instead of ignoring your customers valid concerns, just make the change. You are wrong about this. There is no rational argument against marking a project complete.


Hi @Brandi_White and @jason_montgomery, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates to share with you today but rest assure that we are closely monitoring this thread and we are representing your voice. As a workaround, you can mark your completed project as Archived. We will launch the option to report by all Archived projects in a Team using our Reporting feature in the next couple of weeks.

For context, please note we can’t always build everything customers are asking for, sometimes because it doesn’t fit with our product vision (ie: multiple assignees on one task), sometimes because the said request necessitate more background and structural updates than what customers are initially asking for. Whatever the reason is, I can ensure you that we do care and put a lot of effort into keeping communication lines wide open between and our customers and ourselves, you can learn more about it in this post .

We’ve built tones of exciting things this year, including some features that directly emerged from our Community (check out #productfeedback:features-launched), and we have a lot more on the way so make sure to keep an eye on our #announcements category!

If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to drop me a DM or to reply on this thread, I’ll be more than happy to help!