Mark a project for completion

In the absence of this feature, can anyone share how they easily run reports to be able to see all their Archived projects? It’s a huge gap to not be able to easily view and report on, but maybe I’m missing it?


I just want to add that it’s deeply unsatisfying that I can’t mark my project as complete!


I’m coming back to this thread to add that archived projects still show the due date (for the project) in RED TEXT because the date has passed, even though the project was archived, and either completed or canceled.

Red implies something is off-track or late. I don’t think archived projects should be colour coded.


Please add in this feature!! There needs to be a way to mark a project as complete so due dates don’t show up in red and Status Updates are accurate!

Seems this much needed feature is sorely missing from Asana and the multitudes of users asking for it is seemingly falling on deaf ears…

Asana, you need to pay attention to this issue. I am only a lowly Premium user, so I don’t even have the use of Portfolios (yet). However, I was considering upgrading to the Business level to gain that function and others. BUT, seeing that you can’t add what is seemingly a simple feature that ALL of your users want, or better stated NEED, I will NOT upgrade until this is fixed. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF WHAT SHOULD BE A BASIC FEATURE!!! Sorry for yelling there, but Asana seems to be hard of hearing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another person asking for the ‘project completed’ feature :pray:t3::unicorn:

I can’t begin to describe how required this feature is. The first time I had to explain to our CEO why we selected a project management tool that doesn’t allow us to “complete” a project was quite embarrassing.

Having that conversation with each team member was not fun. Re-having that conversation with each new hire is even less so.

Building out an entire workflow internally to “complete” a project is really silly.

Please add this feature!

+1 to the ask!

+100 to this ask. At the very least, should be able to sort a Portfolio by Task Progress as a stop-gap.

We have been starting to use Portfolios more and more in our company and as we’ve been doing this people (including myself) have been looking for a way to ‘Complete’ a project. Surely there must be a way to mark a project completed? I’ve looked all over and eventually came to the forum to see if someone could point out what I’m missing, but it appears I’m not the one missing anything, Asana is. :wink:

PLEASE, it seems pretty common sense that if you START something (project) you should be allowed to FINISH it (completed). And no, Archive is NOT the same thing and never was. Archive is ‘get this out of my sight to forget about it’, a completed project has much useful information to contribute in an active time period before it is ready to be archived.


Please add this. Why after three years has this not been addressed?


I don’t understand the logic of not having a complete status on a project or portfolio. I want my project team to know the sprint has been completed and still be able to reference that sprint in the portfolio. I do not want to archive the sprint. As it stands now, I will need to write [complete] in the project name and keep the status as ‘on track’ which makes no sense. This seems like a simple feature to add - could we get it soon?

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Alternatively, is there a way to put a custom field on the portfolio or project level (not the task)?

My team also misses this feature a lot. We use project dates and statuses in portfolios, so when a project is completed, the dates become red, which is annoying, because we are still on track. But we are not really on track, because we are done. So this green status doesn’t fit as well. And archiving a project is also not the correct solution and not the correct model of the reality.

+1 from me and my team. I hope this feature will be implemented.

Been using Asana premium for about 6 months now, Completed 40+ projects. So its just sitting ducks there in the dashboard. Cant even mark it complete. Do you guys know of any platform that provides this feature? Maybe its time for a migration.


+1 for this feature. Please add a way to mark a project completed

Also a vote from me, was so excited to be completing our first start to finish project in Asana - but this thread just completely burst our bubble! Please add this feature.

How is something so essential not a thing yet, when the issue was brought up 3 years ago?


My vote for this feature.

I also can not believe it has been 3 years and there is no real details on why it can not be added, or a roadmap for it to be added, or anything other than “Hi thanks for the feedback, we merged threads for you, we are watching it closely”.