Mark a project for completion

At the Project Level

  • Add “Close” or equivalent to the “Latest Status” option to signify the final update and to formally (and symbolically) enter the project closure phase (for budget, lessons learned steps, etc).


  • Add the option to “Complete” or “Close” a project in the Edit Project Details section (this would also help support the feature of a Due Date that was added when a project is complete. Archive and Delete denote something that is old and/or unusable and not all projects meet that criteria.

At the Task level

  • Add “Abandon”; many projects contain tasks that are abandoned/not done.

  • Add the ability to not complete a task so it stays “Incomplete” and available in the Incomplete task view (the default) for the lifecycle of the Project.

  • Add the ability to have Sections “Keep with Next” so that certain tasks are fixed within a heading no matter what tags or other movement is made. We create a task for Project Contacts and Documentation that stay at the top of the project, but it’s manual, ideally it would be a fixed group/Section.


I support these suggestions. It is a similar request to the discussions in this thread that should have been resolved already: Mark a project for completion

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Just upgraded to business and very strange we can’t complete projects. Will have to dig in to find the value proposition.

Just voicing my support for this feature. It seems necessary with the recent Portfolio and Portfolio of Portfolios feature. I would like to see the Complete option added to the Status Update tool as well. It could still perform an archive function, but users should have the option to mark a project as complete.

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I agree, I would also love to see this option.

I’m also looking forward to seeing this prioritized. Our team is surviving with the archive method, but it’s certainly not ideal for all of the reasons folks have already listed.

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+1 for adding this feature.

I will add my voice to this. As a programmer and project manager - I am hard pressed to imagine why this has not been addressed in 2 years.

I actually had a team member refuse to join Asana because projects are NEVER closed.

This concerns me for a couple of reasons:

  1. This functionality is basic to project management
  2. The Asana team does not seem to be responding to the needs of customers.

Please prioritize and give an update.



+1 for this feature.

+1 Can’t believe you can mark task and sub tasks as complete but you can’t complete a project. please add the option to complete a project

+1 a project can be archived but not completed or a project can be archived AND completed. Please add the ability to mark a project complete and the expected tracking behavior. The project overview is likely a good place for this.

+1…seems like such an easy fix. how many story points could this be worth? :slight_smile: