Manufacturing Workflow System


We are new to using the workflow functionality with Asana, but are exploring the ability to integrate our manufacturing scheduling using Asana. I am wondering if this is possible.

Our manufacturing workflow would go through 4 phases, but my primary question is, with various integrations that would allow us to import Shopify orders to automatically schedule these orders for our team, are there any tools available that would be able to track, let’s say, molds of a given item so that an automated scheduling system could know how to properly assign items to a given employee?

Another question; is it possible for values to be assigned to a given employee that determine if that employee is capable to work a given order that is being automatically scheduled at a given date?

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I recommend looking into tools such as Zapier or Make for example.

Also here is thread where some tips were shared about this topic:

And here

Additionally Shopify has an integrated automation feature now, called “Shopify Flow” which also allows you to connect to Asana:


To help you achieve that I recommend using the Asana Workload Feature.

Additionally here is a feedback request.