Is there any plans for integration between ECommerce sites such as Etsy and Shopify to help track orders?

I am starting a small online business which will use multiple platforms to sell my products. I use Asana for my full time job as an Event Producer. It is my bible and I live in it daily, so I know it can work for me and my business too.

I would love to be able to link asana to my online stores to be the one-stop-shop for order management as I know it so well. It would just be more streamlined and simple.
I know I can find workarounds for now but if these integrations happened, that would be so awesome.


Hey @Simone_Pakieto,

As far as I know you can use Zapier to set that up, it might be a bit clunky but it should work.

Best of luck.


Thanks for that @ReidT . Will look into it.

We used Zapier before and I never really understood it so left it to our teams tech wiz who has since left…looks like I might be googling some tutorials lol

Hello @Simone_Pakieto,

yes as Reid mentioned via Zapier, Integromat for example. Now it really depends on what you are trying to achieve or what system you have already set up for order dispatch.
If you are selling products that are stored in a warehouse maybe it will work better though if you connect them to their system directly?
Or if you sell handmade products for example that you make and dispatch there are other apps that allow you cheap label printing directly within Shopify.

If connecting to Asana you might also want to first put together a list of what you want to achieve. For example do you want the connection to pull comments from Asana onto the Shopify order page as well or just for new orders to be fetched into Asana and then when a custom field is changed for example to mark the order as dispatched in Shopify.

In our company we use Integromat for example as we figured it allows us to set up a more customized integration.

Also not sure what Shopify Plan you are on but in case you have Pro this might be interesting: Connectors in Shopify Flow · Shopify Help Center


Is it difficult to integrate to customized ecommerce website? WE had one developed internally and the developer has now left.

Our new support team are struggling with it.

Hey guys, Michaela from Integromat here, happy Monday everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just stepping in to add a bit of info to what @Andrea_Mayer said since you sure and indeed can connect Asana to your online store using Integromat.

To give you an idea of what the options are when working with Asana and various online stores on Integromat, you can check out the pre-built integrations and their features:
:arrow_right: Asana
:arrow_right: Shopify
:arrow_right: WooCommerce
:arrow_right: Etsy

Everything, of course, depends on what exactly you’re looking to do but and here’s a handful of automation ideas as a lil’ bit of inspiration:

  • creating an Asana task whenever a new order comes through in your store
  • creating order notes based on info you grab from Asana
  • creating a task in Asana and a adding a customer to your emailing list (e.g. in Mailchimp etc.) and to your CRM once an order is made
  • generating a matching invoice and an Asana task for new orders

Weeell and the list goes on and on :nerd_face:

Hello all,

Seems im in the same pickle as the rest!

I’ve built a Zap out that should create tasks within a Project > Section when someone makes a order purchase from our Shopify store.

However, I keep getting this error message! Can anyone shed some light on how to workaround this or a solution?

Any and all feedback and tips are welcomed!

I have not heard about such plans before. I know that some people can do that, and it is even going to work somehow, but it is not official.
There are so many people working with WordPress right now, so I am sure that you will be able to find guys that will agree to help you with this. I usually work with Plugin Development - Prosvit.Design. You can contact them and ask whether they can do something like that. I can write only positive reviews of their work so if they agree you can be sure that the result will be reliable.