Questionning about a workflow based on due dates: business account, flowsana?

Hi Asana Community,

I’m a beginner user, coming from Evernote. I plan to use Asana as a single user both for personal and professional use (physiotherapist with lots of side projects).

My Evernote workflow was based on due dates, but I had to do it manually:

  • Set a tag for each day of the week to come and sort the actions in these tags according to their due date
  • Do the same thing for the next week
  • Set the others actions with later due dates

At the end of each week, I manually put the items on the right tag according to due dates. I take quite some time, but I managed to stay organized.

I just saw Asana can set some automations according to due dates, but only in Business and not premium accounts. As I have to buy 2 seats, it’s quite a decision. I really value Asana as a solid tool, but I also want to spare as much as possible (as I also don’t need lots of Business functions). I’ve also read about Flowsana and its integrations (

As I’m only discovering Asana, I don’t have enough knowledge to take a good decision. That’s why I ask for your precious advices.

Have a great day

Hi @SvenDenns,
Welcome to the Asana community.
My first suggestion would be to look at all the business features you will gain that could help you with all the projects you are running. If you decide to use Asana as your operational brain for everything, the cost of two seats is worth it. If you only want to add more automation, Flowsana is worth looking at and will solve the automation without the need to upgrade.


Hi @Paul_Grobler, and thank you for your kind message.

Asana will be my operational digital brain for all my work and projects.

I already gave a look at all the business features: custom rules is the only important one. Goals are too, but I could find a workaround if I didn’t have them.

So I really don’t know if I need to go for a Business account.

Have a great day

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