Workflow and rules

Hi all,
I Would like suggestion on how to achieve the following:

I have a board called whatsup next.
In that board, i have 4 columns: 1 Inbox 2 Today 3 Tomorrow 4 Upcoming
I would like to have the different columns populated automatically based on the due dates on tasks.
Example: 1 inbox=tasks with no due date, 2 Today=tasks with due dates today, 3 Tomorrow with tasks with due dates for… web tomorrow and 4 Upcoming with task later than tomorrow.

Any suggestions on how could this be done? Rules maybe?

All the best / M

Hi Markus, was curious, so I tried this with rules. You can have a task automatically moved to a particular column when a due date is set but unfortunately, the rule is limited to just that. It will only move when “any” due date is set. It can’t move based on “IF” the due date is set to today, tomorrow, etc.

Hopefully more power will come with the rules feature in the future.

Hi @Markus_Blomqvist and @Christopher_Milburn,

FYI you can now accomplish exactly this with the new date-based rule conditions in my Flowsana integration. See this forum post for more information.

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Hi and big thx! Does that mean i dont need the asana business… that i activated to try if this was possible out of the box.

You do not need the Asana Business subscription level to utilize any Flowsana rules - they work identically for the Premium and Business (and Enterprise) levels!

Testing this out now.
Would it be possible to ad a workflow in flowsana that is applied to all projects in asana?

Hi Markus,

Not currently (it’s under consideration to be added as a feature). Note, though, that you can easily copy all rules from one project to another without having to build them anew in each project: