Creating a rule that organizes tasks into sections by due dates

Hi all,

I’d love to be able to create a rule that organizes tasks into sections by due date. I have projects in which we have sections for every month. When someone adds a new tasks, I’d love for it to automatically be placed in its corresponding monthly section by due date, and then automatically move to another monthly section if the due date changes. Any idea if this possible?


Interesting request. I don’t see Asana develop such a thing though, you would have better luck with a tool like Flowsana. @Phil_Seeman correct me if I am wrong but you can already do that in Flowsana right?

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Hi @Lauren_Piro!

Flowsana does let you create rules that are based on due date, as in “If due in 3 days”, “If 5 days past due”, etc. I’m not sure that will be sufficient for your specific needs - based on your post, it sounds like you’re wanting a rule like “If due in March”, “If due in April” ? If so, Flowsana won’t help there.

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Interesting. I’d not heard of Flowsana! I will look into it. Essentially, I want a task to be able to move between sections as dates change. My teams work is such that something that was meant to happen in one month, could easily get kicked to another months as priorities shift daily, but i still need a topline view of what we’ve done in a certain month and how the work has been balanced across months – so I rely sections for easy referencing and it makes this data easier to share across teams. Sorting by date alone doesn’t really provide that.