Making template

Does anyone have any staff meeting template for share? Im looking for ideas on how to make one.

Hi @Rune_Haarberg :wave:

I’m not sure if that fits your needs, but I have a meeting template to share that we usually offer to our Asana clients (we are consultants).

Something like that:

Click on the following link to import the project in your environment: (wait a few minutes for the transfer to be complete):

Also, you could take a look on (a third party solution for Asana templates)

How do you make use of those icons?

If the question is about how creating them, you can click to modify any text fields (section, task…) and then “right click” and then access the Emoji panel.

Emojis are a great way to make your project more user-friendly (and easier to understand).

More articles about emojis in Asana and how to make the best of them: