Making task a subtask of another inserts in random position among existing subtasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Using Task Detail > Overflow menu > Advanced actions > Make a subtask of results in subtask appearing in the middle of the list of existing subtasks; This appears like a random choice so I consider that a bug. It should appear as the first or last subtask, but consistently there.

Steps to reproduce:
See above; applies only when destination task has several subtasks already

Browser version:
Chrome current

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @lpb, thanks for reporting this!

I tried to reproduce this issue but when I mark tasks as subtasks of another task, they are appear consistently as the lasts subtasks in the list. Do you have sections in your List view and in the subtask’s list?

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks, @Emily_Roman. Sorry for not testing more initially; here are some more details:

  • I’m not sure what the “trigger” for the problem is, but here are some data points
  • Yes, I’m seeing the problem where the destination task list has subsections
  • Yes, the project’s List view has sections too though not sure this is significant
  • I experienced this with two long-standing tasks as destinations; both have subsections
    • I did “add as subtask” several times to each
    • Each subsequent “add as subtask” appeared lower down the destination task’s subsection/subtask list, eventually adding successively to the end as desired
  • But in a separate test, after starting from scratch by creating a new destination task with subsections/subtasks, then successively “add as subtask,” the first task added went right to the end, as did all successive ones

So perhaps try:

  1. In some project, find an old task (to be the destination) with subsections/subtasks,
  2. In that same project, create a sibling “test” task
  3. Select “test” task and “Add as subtask” to the old destination task; I bet it won’t appear at the end of the destination task’s subsections/subtasks
  4. Repeat 3 and watch successive ones get added lower and lower, eventually correcting

Hope that helps and thanks again,


Hi @lpb, sorry for the late follow up here and thanks for the extra information!

I followed the steps you mentioned and unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the issue. I sent you a screen recording via DM with the different steps I tried. I’m keeping an eye in the forum in case we receive other similar reports and we can try to collect more details to reproduce this. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks again for your patience and apologies again for any inconvenience!

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Thanks, @Emily_Roman, for the screen recording and trying to reproduce.

I found the same thing–for recent tasks it worked fine as you experienced.

Any chance you can try with a task that has subtasks that were created, say, a year ago? I found that it failed in those cases and worked with more recent tasks.



@Nadim_van_der_Ros, I think you’re reporting a different problem if you’re talking about subtasks being added to other projects; I didn’t mention anything about that, only the position of a subtask in the subtasks list of a parent when added to that parent. Can you create a new thread and delete this post from this thread?

@Emily_Roman, did you ever have a chance to try my request in my July 29 post? I experience this problem every day still.



Hi @lpb, sorry for the late reply here! We just received another report that is also related to tasks when moving between sections (Inconsistent task position when added to section in different ways). I’ve escalated these issues to our team to seek for clarification! I’ll let you know as soon as I have any updates!

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Hi @lpb, just a quick note to let you know our product team confirmed we don’t have immediate plans to change this but we will centaily work on making this behaviour more consistent in the future. I’ve also moved Make task/subtask position more consistent when adding them to sections in different ways to the #productfeedback category to consolidate feedback. Thank you

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