Issues with subtasks that are also assigned to a project

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Subtasks that are also assigned to a project get mixed up when the project is duplicated (by duplicating a project or creating a project from a template). In my case, the subtask will be assigned to the main project it is a part of. Two things happen: The subtask will multiply in both its original project and the duplicated project. Some of the subtasks will be assigned to the correct project, some will be assigned to the other project. I also later will find still other duplicates of the subtask not assigned to any project.

Steps to reproduce:
Create “Project A”
Create Section “Project A Milestones” in “Project A”
Create Section “Project A Tasks” in “Project A”
Create a “Task 1” in section “Project A Tasks” with a subtask “Subtask 1”
Assign the “Subtask 1” to “Project A” and list it under “Project A Milestones”
Duplicate the project “Project B” Or, Set project as a template and create a new project from this template

“Subtask 1” will be problematic including: “Project A” and “Project B” will have two “Subtask 1” under “Task 1” and two “Subtask 1” under the Milestones section. A “Subtask 1” in “Project B Milestones” will direct to “Task 1” in “Project A” and vice versa. There may also end up being a Subtask 1 and Task 1 floating around not attached to any project.

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Hi @Meaghan_O_Keefe,

This is expected behaviour and known issue. If you haven’t yet I would recommend to check out and upvote this feature request which address the issue you’re experiencing.

At the moment we would recommend avoiding using subtasks in templates - instead try to promote your subtasks to the task level leveraging Sections to organise them. I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Just so you know, some organizations completely forbid the use of subtasks. It is possible!