maintain the 'projects' field while the task is converted to the subtask

It seems that, the task loses its value of project field when it is converted to the subtask from the task.

But you know, the subtask can have the value of the projects field,
then why the ticket loses it project values when it turns into the subtask?
I don’t understand…

How to keep the value of projects when the task is converted to the subtask?

Thanks !

Hi there @JHBAEK ,

Yes, as the program currently operates, subtasks are treated very differently than parent tasks. While they are located inside a task that is in a project, they don’t have the same status or value, so they aren’t technically part of the project itself. (They don’t add to task count or workload, they don’t appear on timelines or calendars, they don’t trigger rules, and they lack some other key capabilities of parent tasks.)

Meanwhile there is a very long thread about this with a lot more info, and you can upvote it below:

I know it’s not a solution and it is still a bit confusing, but some folks may have found some useful workarounds. We remain hopeful that the developers will add more functionality to subtasks soon.


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