Can completion of sub-tasks be reflected in parent task?

We’re hoping to find a way to reflect completion of a sub-task into its parent task. E.g. if a sub-task - do x project - is complete, a column (in list view) would be marked complete.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Rules can’t apply to subtasks yet, as they are not part of the project. For me, your issue can only be resolved one of 2 ways: custom coding an automation, or relying on existing automation (like Zapier)…


Hi Bastien, bummer but appreciate the quick response!

Maybe relatedly, if we use the same fields in a task and its subtasks, is there a way to carry down the content? For example, if the task has a field “A: Apple” can the subtask automatically display “A: Apple?” For our use case, there are individuals tagged in subtasks who are not working on the parent task.

Thanks again!

@anon73685594, Subtasks (first-level subtasks that is) inherit the project’ss custom fields but for their own values so that won’t help.


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Hi Larry,
Clearly user error on my side… when I create a first-level subtask, the custom fields do not populate. In my example, where the parent task has a field “A” and let’s say a drop-down selection of “Apple,” the subtask will show the field “A” but it will be blank. Is it possible to have that be populated with the content selections from the parent task?

In our use case, the parent task will sometimes include URLs or other notes that we’d like to keep in the subtasks.

Appreciate your help and apologies if I’m conflating too many issues into one thread!

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Whoops, Sorry, @anon73685594, you’re right; I just updated my prior post. I think @Bastien_Siebman’s suggestions are the best.

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