Converting task to a subtask should NOT remove that task from current project please!

This seems like new behavior, see screenshot.

We frequently make tasks into a subtask of another task. Now, when we do that, it automatically removes this task from it’s “current project”. This seems unnecessary and arbitrary, I cannot really think of a reason I’d ever want it removed from the project it’s sitting in. We use a LOT of projects as Calendar views, and any given task/subtask might live in a half dozen projects so that they show up on the right Calendars.

I definitely don’t want or like this new behavior. I always have to manually go add it back to that project. If I wanted it removed from a project, I’d remove it. All I want is the task to be added as a subtask to something else.

Reworded, the thing is saying “Task will be added as subtask to another task, and then we’ll do something utterly unnecessary and inconvenient”.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

So let’s say you have Task1 and Task2. They are both part of project1.
When you change Task1 into a Subtask of Task2, it’s still part of project1. It’s just a subtask.

There is no need for a subtask to have all the same infos (attributes, projects, custom fields, …) as its parent task. If that was really necessary, you wouldn’t need to change it to a subtask?

Do you just want subtasks to behave like a task? If that was the case, what would be the point of a subtask?

Well, for one thing, most of the time with I convert something to a subtask, it’s going into a parent task that isn’t even in the same project. So, in this case, that scenario doesn’t even apply.

Also, why would you assume the subtask doesn’t need the same custom fields and such as the parent task? In our case, sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t.

How exactly do you handle it when you need the parent task AND the subtask due dates to show up on the Calendar? This has been one of the crippling weaknesses of Asana we’ve dealt with for years and only recently have been figuring out ways of overcoming it.

For example, you have a task “Smith Job” with 6 subtasks “Smith Design Due Date”, “Smith Production Due Date”, “Smith Delivery Due Date” and soforth.

Those NEED to live as subtasks under the parent task so that they can be checked off as the job progesses, but you also need ALL of the due dates for those to show up on the same Calendar view.

We’ve tried doing each “Smith Job” as a whole project, but have not found that to be as helpful for various reasons. One of which is because I also need other jobs to show up on the same calendar (ie, same project).

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I guess alot of it comes down to how you’re organised.

Because if a subtask has all the attributes of a task → then it should be a task.
You could also work with dependencies, milestones, and so on.

If your subtasks are just a due dates for something, i would suggest using custom fields for that.

I’m not sure this is quite the same issue, but we often convert subtasks to be subtasks in a different project. This conversion would normally take the subtask you are converting out of the original project and make it a subtask of the project you move it to. However, our workaround has been to add the subtask to a 3rd project - then convert it to a subtask of the new project. But this is no longer working - the subtasks are now being removed from the parent/original project - is this is a change in how Asana functions?

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Hi there,

I would also like to flag this.

@_josh While I do understand you, and agree with some of your points, sometimes even on this forum some workarounds are suggested… This then, may end up with some questionable configuration that is a result of working around lacking features.

I personally consider this a bug. Whilst you may argue that project field is something that should be used for a task not a subtask (and lets not mention that if that is the case system should prevent you from setting it up in the first place), in my project I have a few custom fields connected with complex flows and triggers. There is - AFAIK - no feature allowing to template a subtask so the suggested workaround is to create a task and convert it.
Some triggers are launched and that is fine and good.
Now I convert it to subtask and what?
POOF! Whole of my template is gone and custom fields sent to the void.

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I would like to add to this thread as I am experiencing the same issue.

Our workload revolves around recipes for different products. We have Recipe 1, product A as the parent task. As subtasks we have Recipe 1, product B (it’s different and makes the same recipe differently).

When I convert a task to a subtask, I lose the original project on the now subtasks. But I need it to stay with the visible custom fields so we can see what product it is for.