Lost everything - how long does support take?

Somehow, I have managed to lose my whole account - it’s just an empty space. Does anyone know how long support normally takes to get back to you? I feel like I’ve lost my right arm!!


It can take a few days but perhaps @Marie or @Emily_Roman can expedite.

Is there any chance you might have gotten your workspace switched and you’re looking at a different workspace than where your main content is? If you haven’t already, click your profile image at the top right and make sure the correct workspace/org is checked in the menu.


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Hi Larry,

I’ve checked the Workspace, but there is just one. I was actually testing adding a guest contributor to the account when I lost everything. I was logged in as the test user in an incognito window, and was checking out their settings. I think at that point I managed to remove my real self as a user, which is a really scary thought, considering I was logged in as a guest! Where are the permissions and restriction settings? And where is the ‘Are you sure?’ message as a fail safe?

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Hi @Shelley_Upton and thanks for looping me in @lpb!

Our support team should be able to recover your Workspace @Shelley_Upton, I’ve liaised with them and they’ll be in touch soon by email!

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Thanks Marie. :slight_smile:

I just heard your Workspace was successfully recovered @Shelley_Upton :tada: So marking this resolved!