Help! My entire account wiped out as if it never existed

I am able to log in, but my tasks have disappeared and it says I don’t have access—locked. None of my team members show up either. It’s looks like a new account that hasn’t even been set up yet. If I click on settings the “upgrade” button is highlighted as though that’s the only option I have to recover my data. What is going on. I am only 2 weeks into a 30 day trail.

I put in a support ticket almost 6 hrs ago. Crickets. I need my task pane.

Already researching other options for task management. This is terrible.

@Joanne_Speak, Is there any chance you’re not in your usual Workspace/Organization? Click your profile image in the top right corner and in the menu that appears, make sure the correct Workspace/Organization is checked (the initial menu item(s) that appear). If not that, I think Support is required; maybe @Emily_Roman can expedite…


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Thank you for responding. My profile picture is gone. Only my initials remain. The drop down menu shows the following:

Upgrade (this is highlighted. Why?)
More >
My Profile Settings
Log out

If you’re sure you’re not using a different login than you did before, I’m afraid you’ll have to get help from Asana Support.



Thanks for your help @lpb!
@Joanne_Speak, I can confirm our support team has received your email and will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you. Sincere apologies for the trouble, and please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!