'Locking' task complete. Asana-Instagantt


Hello everybody,

I just came across a problem by accident.

I have a section and a few task are completed.

When I move the section and task in Instagant ALL the tasks in Asana become incompleted.

When I refresh the page, the tasks in Asana and Instagantt are incompleted. Is there a way to ‘lock’ the completion of a task?


Duco Mast


@danielguajardok maybe can help, he created Instagantt


Sorry for the long delay Duco. I’ll try to replicate this as it looks like a bug!


Did you found the bug?


I’ve found out that when I complete the task in instagantt, it remains completed in Asana. Even if I move the section around.

Any update concerning this problem?


Is there anybody else who could help me with this problem? It’s very frustrating when we change the planning. we have about 20 activities in a section that we all need to check again when this happens.