Locked Out of Asana



I seem to have somehow locked myself out of Asana. I set up a Workspace for myself and the company directors to collaborate on marketing tasks and ideas. Our company has two brand names and I signed up with an email belonging to the domain of one of them a few months ago.

Yesterday I removed the Organisation belonging to that domain name, as no team members were attahced to it and we were all working in the Group Marketing Workspace I had created. This afternoon when I’ve come to log in, Asana is now advising me that my email address is not known to them and I’m unable to log in. The other team members can still log in and view tasks and can see me listed as a team member in the Workspace.

Any help recovering access to my account would be appreciated, as I have some important task lists in there that need reviewing by Monday afternoon. I have had to set up a new Asana account under the other domain name, just to gain access to the community and post this message.

Many Thanks,



Panic over.

I managed to get one of the other team members to at-mention me in a conversation to trace which email my notification got sent it. Turns out I must have also attached my personal Gmail address to the account at some point as that is where the notification ended up. Logged in with G+ and all is rosey again.




Phew! Glad you got that ironed out, Ben.
If you have trouble logging in (or have other technical issues) in the future, email support@asana.com. They’re amazing. :heart_decoration:


:tada: Nice Asana investigator skills. And teamwork!