A bit of a mess

Hi, I ran into this issue and I can’t find my way around it. I had originally registered a workspace with a gmail account a couple of years ago, but I just moved to premium. I also changed to organisation, when I figured out I’m locked out of any admin console access for both my gmail and organisation account.

I also ran into the issue of trying to reconnect my asana notifications with the new email to slack, but I wouldn’t get any. Contacting support has run me numerous times into robots. The couple of times I got to support, they weren’t aware of the way of solving this.

I’m simply looking to transfer my gmail into my organisational account and keep everything the same.

I tried also removing my gmail account, but as the billing owner it was impossible.

Could someone please help?

Welcome, @Trayan_Hristov,

I’m afraid I think support@asana.com is your best bet.

It can take a few days, but should result in the best solution, and perhaps you’ll have better results with a new support person.

Note that emailing again while you’re waiting for a reply after acknowledgment can push you to the bottom of the queue.

Hope that works better this time,


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Thank you! Yeah, it’s not been the best client onboarding so far…

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