Issue with plan

My company pays for an upgraded plan, but I am using a free plan because Asana does not recognize me as being covered under a paid plan and nobody in customer support has helped me despite reaching out.

is your account from the same email domain? If so, you may want to log off and be sure to login under your company email.

Yes, I am logged in under my company domain.

Is your company paying for the whole Asana organisation? Maybe you have a division, or a paid team only.
You should check with the admin console if you know an admin.

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Are you in the right workspace? I use my companies paid workspace and have a free one that I use with a smaller group outside of work. While I use my work email to log into both workspaces only the company workspace includes the paid features. You can see what workspace you’re in by clicking on your profile icon in the top-right corner, then make sure there is a checkmark next to your company’s workspace. Hope that makes sense.


Hi @Kevin_Campbell, thanks for reaching out.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into some issues with your paid plan. There could be a number of answers here as suggested by the folks responses above.

I’ve had a look at the Support ticketing system and cannot seem to locate any tickets from the email address associated with your forum account. Let’s take this into the DMs where you can share any other email address/support ticket numbers with me and I can look into this further :slight_smile:

Okay–please help me out. Thanks

I am in my company’s work space

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