🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman !
Done, added to the list :wink:

Hi everyone!
I just added three more additions to the list: 3.3, 4.1 & 9.1
Cheers :wink:


Regarding 1.1:

I tried this again today and I can happily report that I can re-sort as I please!! (now over 100 options in a single select dropdown in over 5k tasks in over 100 projects)

Can anyone else do the same now, so we can cross this off the list? :slight_smile:


In 3.3, I think you can link instead to this:


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Thanks @lpb !
I revised 3.3 to add your link
Also revised 3.1 Limit of 500 questions within a single form (from 150)
Added 7.3

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@Bastien_Siebman , do you think these two could be added to your BUTs :peach: ?
i.e. you can export 140k rows from a project BUT only 2k rows from search results…


If this is confirmed, maybe add the 250 limit for read-only view mentioned here? How to Publicly Share a Calendar Over Task Limit

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for raising this. As a result, I’ve added an entire section 10 :smiley:
Also added 2.2 & 2.3

Happy NY everyone :partying_face:

@Julien_RENAUD @Arthur_BEGOU make sure to look at section 10, there are limitations we were not aware of I believe.


Section 4 updated: 4.3 & 4.4 added :wink:


Quick updates: 4.5 & 4.6 added, some broken links to the guide repaired


@Richard_Sather I have a new one for you (and no answer on what the limit is)

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:scream: how many tasks have you got @Bastien_Siebman ?? No filters I assume, all tasks visible?
I wonder if it’s a temporary bug… perhaps multi-sorting in My Tasks may soon come to ‘sort’ this out? :person_shrugging:

I had over 1000 incomplete tasks. I decreased it and it is working again, but would have loved to know the limit.

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Hey @Bastien_Siebman , I just ran a test and the answer is 1,000 tasks but interesting to discover that some sorting works ok, see 8.2 added above.

Also added 8.3 & 8.4 as well as 4.8, inspired following your discussion on subtasks with @lpb


How about converting custom fields, noting that we can’t change multi-select back to single select.

Hi @lilrkt , good point, I’ve added it to 1.6, thanks!

Btw all, also added 3.4 last week.

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How come 1.6 is a data limitations? :thinking: seems off to me

I thought about it too… but then I thought it’s more like a technical limitation, like some sorting issues and collapsable sections, no? or maybe it’s a BUT :peach: ? :person_shrugging:

Could be a BUT :peach: indeed, but I am sure you want your amazing post to become a list of missing features :sweat_smile: