Lift 2000 row cap on CSV exports for Advanced Searches

This cap has apparently been lifted from some exports, but not all.

Hi @Katie_Kendle that’s interesting because the cap for exporting a CSV from a project has been raised to 140k! Do you only have this problem with exporting search results?

I just tried exporting all tasks I’ve created to a CSV (over 2,000) and I get a screen saying “Your CSV is being generated. You will get an email when it is finished” and a few minutes later it was indeed in my inbox BUT the CSV was truncated at row 2001 :confused:

Are you facing the same issue?

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Yes. According to comments on other posts, Asana knows that the cap has not been lifted on all exports. This thread is to vote for them to do so.

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The new limit is 140k rows now.

Hi folks,

Our team confirmed that the 200k limit doesn’t apply to CSV exported from Advanced Searches, so I’m reopening this thread and moving it to the Product Feedback to allow other folks to upvote it.


CSV exports from Advanced Searches still truncate at 2000 rows.

now that the topic is reopened, you got my vote! :slight_smile:

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You have my vote too. We need to export an advanced search every week and the cap is slowing us down significantly.


CSV exports from Advanced Searches still truncate at 2000 rows. Our company is growing and the number of separate exports I have to perform to capture all our work is growing as well! Lifting this cap, as was done for other exports (like projects, I believe) would be fantastic.