List of projects not showing up in slack app

For some reason when I go to create a task in slack with /asana create the dropdown list of projects isn’t being populated with existing projects (see screenshot). I’ve tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the slack app to see if would fix it, but that didn’t seem to do the trick.

I have the same issue. I can’t connect a project with a channel, as no projects show on the list.

Nick, any solution on this?

are there any news on this? I’m running into the same problem here

ran into the same problem, just deauthorized it and then authorized again, that fixed the problem, here’s step by step guide.

  1. go to the apps section on slack and select Asana
  2. type /asana settings and hit enter
  3. click deauthorized
  4. and then authorize it again which I’m guessing you already know how.
  5. (optional, required in some cases) remove the asana app from each channel manually and then add again.

If step 3 causes an error, do this:
2.1. Click on change domain
2.2. select any option that shows up
2.3. proceed to step 3, 4 and 5

Hope this helps


Hi, I am having the same issue, I tried the solution with deauthorize and authorize again but I still have no projects, I tried also removing totally asana and adding it again, also adding it by my project’s owner but nothing works, project list is still empty. What can we do?

hi - im also having this problem after following the above suggestions. any new solutions? thanks.

I’m also having this problem after following all suggestions. Has anyone found another solution beyond what has been previously posted?

Just start typing in Project name field…


Plus one for this, any resolution?


Same issue. Have existing projects in Asana but they do not show up in Slack. I’ve tried copying the project link, URL, name… no luck. Any solution on this yet?

I figured out that Slack was defaulting my Asana account to my “personal domain”- I changed that to the other domain where all of my projects live et voila! Hope this helps!

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Is this a fix to this yet? Seems like an on going bug

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Having the same issue. Reauthorizing didn’t work for me. Any fix?

Solved mine. Thanks for the tips!

How do I do that?

Solved, thank you!

solved. click the asana app and you can click manage linked projects.

It turned out to be a minor bug to me – If you type your project name fast, asana window will show ‘No Results’, but if you delete one letter, then the project will show.

Or you can type slowly, the second time the search results pop out it will show

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That is the same for. Very annoying bug